Wakerman, Elyce

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Father Loss
Daughters Discuss Life, Love, and Why Losing a Dad Means So Much
By Elyce Wakerman, Foreword by Holly Barrett
(Yucca Publishing)
As Elyce Wakerman found in the scores of interviews she conducted, the loss of a father— through death, divorce, or abandonment—is the event that shapes a girl’s life and all her future relationships. “In my fantasy,” one woman commented, “he remains the perfect, all-giving man”—a difficult role for... [READ MORE]
A Tale of Two Citizens
A Novel
By Elyce Wakerman
(Yucca Publishing)
A lie is the only thing that can get twenty-year-old Harry Himelbaum past the cold scrutiny of Ellis Island’s immigration official, Will Brown. A lie that locks them in a deadly battle.It is 1929. At home, economic depression and dust storms ravage America, and abroad, the goose step of Nazism is intensifying.... [READ MORE]
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